Casino Road Shorelines Permit Anderson Road Dike

There is a big issue in the area of the Chehalis Tribe lands between the Chehalis Tribe, the casino and area residents.
At a hearing September 3 the Grays Harbor Planning Commission found in favor of the applicant and approved a Substantial Shorelines Development permit. The issue of the service station/ convenience store and piecemeal development were ignored
A letter, protesting the conduct of the hearing, was sent to the Commission, county commissioners, county prosecuting attorney, state attorney general office and a local newspaper. Here is a copy of the complaint letter.

The Tribe wants to raise Anderson Road. Thurston County has approved. Grays Harbor County has yet to approve.

Area residents have spent $15,000 of their own money. The battle goes on. Here is our letter of appeal to Grays Harbor County

The big concern is that raising Anderson Road will dike half the valley floor.

Meanwhile the Tribe is planning on a convenience store on State Route 12. This will commercialize rural farm land. This will place nontaxed Tribal business in competition with taxed private business in Oakville and Rochester.

  1. Here is the big picture of the area in question. All of the "wet" pictures were taken on December 17, 2001 - not a big flood day, just high water. All "dry" pictures were taken September 2002. The third "construction" photos were taken in October 2002. More will follow!!
  2. The major items in the area.
  3. Shoreline permit needed here? Or is it a flood issue?
  4. From a distance things look like this.
  5. The territory for the tanks.
  6. Underground tanks go here ,if they don't float or pop out and float down hill.

The "Big Picture" equation reveals that

  • Raising Anderson Road
  • PLUS
  • Construction of a gas station/fireworks stand/convenience store
  • more flooding as displaced flood waters seek a way around these manmade barriers!

  • Our Letter

    September 3, 2002

    Grays Harbor

    Planning Commission

    Subject: Shoreline permit #2002-0066

    Dear Planning Commission Members,

    Thank you for the opportunity to object to the Anderson Road Project Shorelines permit application promoted by the Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation (CTCR).

    This project has surfaced many times under many disguises and jurisdictions. We are happy to finally meet with you. Obviously we strongly object to this project. It serves only the CTCR Casino and Casino customers. It is not in the interest of the general public. This project does nothing to reduce or eliminate the potential flooding damage non-tribal taxpayers and residents are already subjected to.

    Questions that need to be answered to address our concerns are:

    Weren't the original Anderson Road conditions known to the CTCR and acceptable in their plans to build the Luck Eagle Casino?

    What has changed that warrants this major road and floodplain alteration?

    Since the CTCR knows this road floods why has the CTCR continued to invest significant amounts of money in construction of new Casino attractions?

    In the year 2002 should the CTCR, or any other jurisdiction, continue to develop a destination location in a major floodplain and across the path of floodwaters? Isn't that type of land use in conflict with current floodplain and floodway management practices?

    What safeguards exist for the general non-tribal public? As Anderson Road is raised so is the risk to all non-tribal residents. Are we entering a "who can raise the road?" competition type of flood control? This "improvement" to Anderson Road looks like a dike halfway across the valley floor (see photos).

    Will Grays Harbor County assume the liability of this floodplain development? Our property has suffered flood damage multiple times. When the next flood damage involving Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Flood Insurance Program (FIP) funds results in the condemnation of our home will Grays Harbor County or the CTCR reimburse us for our loss?

    Finally, this Shorelines permit application and the current construction activity demonstrate that the CTCR is continuing a piecemeal approach to development of rural property. The piecemeal approach, which is against most permitting regulations, started with: the Casino, then the Casino sign, followed by Casino improvements in 2002 ($6 million) and now, a BIA grant and pressure to raise Anderson Road and construction of service station and convenience store in floodplain rural zoned land in direct competition with tax paying private businesses.

    They (the Casino, Tribe and County) are ignoring the long-term watershed planning efforts of the Chehalis Basin Partnership (CBP) of which the Tribe and the County are members.

    These things, when taken as a whole, smell much worse than a spawned out salmon along the banks of the Black River.

    Grays Harbor County has a legal obligation to force the Casino and Tribe to apply for a permit which addresses all of the planned construction activities so that the flood and environmental impact can be completely understood.

    Thank you for your consideration,

    Dave Palmer

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