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If the service station is built, many feet below the surface of this calm flood water one will find "gasoline tanks" Photo taken Dec. 17, 2001. The local rainfall in the 24 hours before this photo totalled 1.3 inches. In Centralia, the Chehalis was cresting 4 feet above flood stage!

Dig me a hole

One can see in this photo the mounds of dirt resulting from the tank site excavation.

Construction activity

In October things look different.

Open for business

The service station is open and the flood plain is altered forever.

A Minor Small Rainfall Resulted In:!

In late January 2003 Centralia received 1.68 inches of rain in a 24 hour period. The local rainfall was only 0.97 inches. Neither statistic is a record. January 9 1990 we had 4 inches of rain in a 24 hour period. In November of 1986 we had 3.22 inches of rain in a 24 hour period. The Chehalis at Centralia never reached flood stage.

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