Washington State Sentate

Senator Dan Swecker

20th Legislative District

February 15, 1996

Dave Palmer
7475 State Route 12
Oakville, Washington 98568

Dear Dave:

I am interested and sympathetic to your concerns. I believe you are correct that additional construction should not occur in the flood plain. I truly am sorry that many of your hopes and dreams were swept away in the flood waters.

In this case, I wonder if the county might be financially liable for their decisions to permit this development. They have expanded their regulatory authority under the auspaces (sic) of protecting health, public safety and adverse environmental impacts. It appears in this case that they have failed miserably. As a test case, you might consider holding them accountable for their decisions.

I am sure FEMA is going to get a lot of pressure on their decisions following this flood. As you well know Dave, it takes people like you getting invovlved to see action by any of our governing bodies. Please keep me advised so I can support you in your efforts.


Dan Swecker
State Senator
District 20