Everybody Writes His Own Rules


The Centralia Chronicle July 31, 1993

By: Jim Shouse

At this writing, I've been reading the news and am not in a particularly good mood ... and you'll see why as you read on

Today, we have a serious moral crisis facing us from almost all directions - public as well as private

Our culture was founded on the Judeo-Christian moral system, and our founding fathers felt that people had to be guided by inward and commonly-shared moral values

So, we have the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. These documents emphasized that morality was necessary for us to be able to govern ourselves. Our fate would be determined on how well we maintained our morality

And now you read about my opinions of how well we've been doing for the past 30 or so years

We have decayed from within ... public and private morality has been pushed aside

Everybody writes his own rules

The object of life is to pursue individual pleasures. Conventional and old-fashioned morality is scorned

Let's review a small list:

We have permissiveness, sexual promiscuity, the drug culture and numerous Watergates, Tailhooks ... and the like

Violence is up by 500 percent; juvenile crime has skyrocketed; there's wholesale drug addiction and alcoholism; venereal diseases are rampant; 1.5 million children are aborted each year, a third of these are performed on teen-agers; there are excuses for excesses of all kinds, from psychiatric disorders to Vietnam syndromes; AIDS has spread from its origination in Africa a little over a decade ago to almost every corner of the world; unwanted pregnancy; illegitimacy, rape; sodomy; incest; robber; assault; suicide; you name it

We have the highest divorce rate in the world

Births to unwed women are rampant. (Check local birth records and see)

Our reaction to disease and illegitimacy is not sexual responsibility ... but handing out condoms

Our reaction to drug addiction is clean needles

Homosexuality is condoned as an acceptable lifestyle

Corrupt politicians are either re-elected or simply sent home with their bounty

Doctors and lawyers fail to review their rants for incompetence ... for greediness ... for blatant malpractice --- and punish their guilty

The justice system, courts, prisons ... are too lenient

Our welfare system creates laxness, broken homes and childbreeding

Religion is declining in effectiveness and membership is down

I could go on ... but you can see I'm concerned ... WE ALL MUST BE CONCERNED

I'm one that can complain ... but I don't have an answer. I do know it will call for a wide swing of your current lifestyle away from materialism, self-gratification and selfishness

If there ever was a time for religious revival, it is now

I also believe our moral renaissance must start with restoration of the strong family unit as the core of our society

High morality should be honored and broadcast

Reduce (or stop) our philanthropy to foreign lands and direct it toward reducing poverty in our backyards

America should start taking care of its own problems instead of being the 9-1-1 of the world. (-Back to home page-)