Things Will Change.

When you get to the end of your tether,
And your energy seems to have gone,
When your weary and wondering whether,
Its worth while to keep struggling on,
When the fire has gone out of your spirit,
And your armour has fallen apart,
Let go and let God do the fighting.
Be still in your head and your heart.

When the music goes out of the morning
and you cannot keep pace with the drum,
When the flowers in the garden stop smiling,
And the birds do not sing when you come…
When the sun never peeps through your window
And you look for the rainbow in vain,
Ask Someone to help and to heal you.
Let Him take the brunt of the strain.

When you get to the end of your courage,
And there's nothing much more you can do,
Try folding your arms for a moment
And letting God's guidance get through…
Life can't be altered by worry.
Stop trying to push it your way.
Just let the good Lord take over.
You'll find that things change when you pray.

Patience Strong
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