Small America

Garrison Keillor writes:
"The eastern Division Street, St. Cloud, a four-
mile strip of free enterprise in full riot, the fast-food discount
multiplex warehouse cosmos adrift in its asphalt sea, the no-
man's-land of 24-hour gas stations that sell groceries and
photocopies, and the shiny plastic restaurants where, if you
ate lunch there for the rest of your life, you would never meet
anybody you know or get to know anybody you meet,
a tumult of architecture so cheap and gaudy and chaotic
you wonder how many motorists in search of a drugstore and a 
bottle of aspirin wound up piling into a light pole, disoriented
by flashing lights and signage and access road signs.  And then the 
cosmos peters out and you emerge from hell and come into
paradise, rural Minnesota."
                                                                   -Garrison Keillor
                                                                   In Search of Lake Wobegon

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