Death Comes

I am so sorry --
Here is an offering, the words much more lyrical than I could 
compose. It is a poem by Thich Nhat Hanh which I discovered 
when my father died several years ago.
Death comes
with his impressive scythe
and says,
"You should be afraid of me."
I look up and ask,
"Why should I be afraid of you?"
"Because I will make you dead.
I will make you nonexistent."
"How can you make me nonexistent?"
Death does not answer.
He swings his impressive scythe.
I say, "I come and I go. Then I come again. And I go again.
I always come back. You can neither make me exist nor nonexist."
"How do you know that you will come again?" Death asks.
"I know because I have done that countless times," I say.
"How do I know you are telling the truth?
Who can be the witness?" Death   frowns.
I touch the earth and say,
"Earth is the witness. She is my mother."
Suddenly, Death hears the music.
Suddenly, Death hears the birds singing from all directions.
Suddenly, Death sees the trees blossoming.
Earth makes herself apparent to Death
and smiles lovingly to him.
Death melts in the loving gaze of Earth.
O my beloved,
touch Earth every time you get scared.
Touch her deeply,
and your sorrow will melt away.
Touch her deeply,
and you will touch the deathless.

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