Off the Wire

Stolen from the Seattle Times

A Swedish car thief wrote a letter of apology to his unemployed victim asking for forgiveness but did not return the stolen car.

Nebraska has named Kool-Aid its official state beverage. The sugary drink was invented in Hastings, Neb., in 1927. Even Tom Bassett, executive director of the Nebraska Dental Association, didn't have much bad to say about the choice. "I'm biased because I'm originally from Hastings," Bassett joked.

A Malawian man claiming to be a witch doctor was shot in the foot after threatening a South African garage owner with a briefcase of highly venomous snakes.

A burglary suspect apparently fell asleep on the job and was arrested after the homeowner found him lying on the floor of her son's bedroom, Anne Arundel, Md., County police said.

A retired judge in Fullerton, Calif., picked up his telephone and heard a voice from his past - a former law client who called him after 40 years to repay a $180 debt.

Amateur chef and full-time Madison, Wis., Police Chief Richard Williams gave himself a one-day unpaid suspension for violating his department's firearms policy. He hid his service revolver in his oven, forgot he had done it, put some turkey in to roast at 350 degrees - and BOOM!

- Compiled by Ivan Weiss
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