Latest Fad - Bashing Males

Latest Fad: Bash all white men

-Newsweek: In its cover story about white males, news magazine fails to recognize accomplishments

If you wonder what some fashionable sectors of American society are thinking about sex and power these days, I suggest you read Newsweek's recent cover story, "White Male Paranoia, Are They the Newest Victims - or Just Bad Sports?"

Now, there is a story to be told today about what white American men are thinking and feeling about the changes all around them. It has, after all, been an era of extraordinary social transformation, with American women's unprecedented new freedoms and the liberation of black America certain to be listed among the stellar events of history

Poor Treatment Since white American men tended to be in power before, one would think they might at least be treated with minimal civility, if not gratitude. Guess again!

Here are some samples of this respected magazine's treatment of the white men who founded this country and made it into what it is: "Everywhere in the culture, from low to high, is the image of the white male as Ice Person: can't jump, can't dance, can't feel."

Under the title "500 Years of White Guys," we find a picture of Thomas Jefferson, with the caption, "1776: Slaveholder Thomas Jefferson writes that all men are created equal. Any problems with that?"

Now, in a way one has to perversely admire Newsweek for the sheer gall of publishing an article like this.

The article has no balance at all, much less any (unthinkable!) historical context. The "hip" language becomes so hysterical and degrading that it makes one think that at least one supposition might be true. The white males at Newsweek must be as quintessentially "self hating" as the article avers all white men to be, if they could allow or embrace something like this!

On a tirade

Why would Newsweek, usually such a fine magazine, have issued this tirade of hatred toward white men? One is flung back into political correctness, for the article reeks of the arrogant, self-centered derision of the politically correct young.

To them "diversity" is more precious than God, family or country; they often hate the history of this country since they are totally unaware that peoples develop not out of some perfect spontaneous combustion but out of centuries of organic development; their impassioned intent, then, is to destroy everything that was, and that is where the "horrible white American male" comes in

After aIl, I ask you, what did our poor, prejudiced nincompoops and chumps of American white males ever do to equal the social advances for women and men? They only fought two great World Wars to destroy oppression; they only ordered the world better than it ever has been before in history and created the most powerful economy ever known; they only oversaw our voyage through civil rights, women's liberation and the formation of the most tolerant society in human history, and largely took the disempowering changes with grand understanding

And for that they expect respect?

Georgie Anne Geyer, columnist for Universal Press Syndicate, appears on this page periodically

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