Some Humor Rules

1.  Slow down and search for humor; collect and share it.
2.  Seek the company of cheerful companions.
3.  Compare your situation to something outrageously worse.
4.  Play daily, especially when you think you don't have time.
5.  If you think you will laugh about it later, decide to laugh about it now.
6.  Remember that good humor always laughs with, not at.
7.  Decorate your surroundings with things that make you smile
8.  Recall your funniest memories and laugh again.
9.  Bring laughter to others and you will lift your own spirits!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10. Remember that we make but one journey through this life and that a 
merry heart will       lighten your steps.
               "Humor eases the pain of Plan "B"

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