Healing is like planting a flower

Hello everyone!
    Until yesterday, I'd been a lurker for the past couple of weeks...in
reading all of your posts I often get overwhelmed, and sometimes frustrated
because I want to help, but don't always know how...plus the holiday was on
my mind, the first without my dad...I was a rollercoaster of emotions,  I
managed to not only get through it ; but found a new sense of how to look at
    I know many of us are facing difficult surgeries, a lot of us are braving
trials of chemo & radiation, many are dedicated caregivers and then there are
those of us (I'm in that category), who have lost a loved one to cc and are
looking for new ways to look at life...well one thing I don't think I've
shared with you is I like to dabble in writing poetry; it gives me peace of
mind and a new focus on things...during the night, I got inspired and wrote a
new one...
This poem is dedicated to all of us on this LIST; I hope you all enjoy it...
Healing is like planting a Flower,
     FAITH is the seed...
        BELIEF is the soil...
             SKILL is the gardener...
                  HOPE is the water...
                       CARING is the fertilizer...
                                    LOVE is the SUNSHINE,
                                         that helps it BLOOM and GROW...
                                             to see every new Tomorrow,
                                                 in a glorious Light!
Eileen Chabot   11/28/00
I hope you all have a GREAT day!
Love to all,
         Eileen Chabot
         daughter of Jim Flaherty (1927-2000)
         dx cc Stage iv, w/ liver mets 8/16/00
         Entered Utopia 09/06/00

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