Gold at Night

Something to lighten the day.
  Stevie Wonder meets Tiger Woods at the club and over a
  couple of drinks tells him how he really likes to play golf.
  With some surprise and a bit of trepidation, Woods politely
  asks how that can be - given Stevie's blindness and all.
  "Oh, I have my man go ahead down the fairway," he says, "
  and he gives a yell.  Then I hit toward it."
  "That's amazing." saying Woods.  "And what about when you
  get on the green, near the hole?"
  "My man lies down just past the hole and again gives a short
  yell.  I putt towards that" answers Stevie, "It works pretty
  well, all things considered."
  So Woods, being both friendly and more than a bit intrigued,
  says, "That's great, I'd like to play you a round some day"
  to which Stevie Wonder replies that he thinks that would be
  great but adds that he "only plays for $10,000 a hole."
  Gulping a bit, Woods says, "OK, when would you like to
  "Oh," says Stevie, "pretty much any night next week would be
  fine . . . "

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