What makes them tick?

 There was a guy who was walking along the beach in Maui and found
 a bottle with a Genie in it.  When the Genie appeared he was so grateful to
 the guy that he said he would grant him one wish.  Guy said:  "I have
 always wanted to go to Hawaii but I'm afraid to fly and boats make me
 uncomfortable and claustrophobic.  Could you build me a road to
 Hawaii so that I can drive there?"
 "Oh no", said Genie.  "That's too much to ask.  Just imagine all the
 steel we'd need for those big columns, and the tons and tons of concrete.
 The labor would be unreal.  I'm sorry, but I cannot grant your wish.  Is
 there  something else you want?"
 Guy thought and thought and said:  "Well, I've always wanted to be
 able to understand women - what makes them cry and laugh.  How do they
 think - what makes them tick."
 Genie thought a while too and then said,
 "Would that be two lanes or four?"
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