A Voluntary Listening Exam

A Voluntary Exam

1) Read everything carefully before doing.

2) Put your name in the upper right hand corner of this paper

3) Circle the word "name" in sentence 2.

4) Draw five small squares in the upper left hand corner

5) Put an "X" in each square.

6) Sign your name under the title of this paper.

7) Put a circle completely around sentence number 7.

8) Put an "X" in the lower left hand corner of this paper.

9) Draw a triangle around the "X" you have just put down.

10) On the back of this paper multiply 703 by 12.

11) Draw a rectangle around the word corner in sentence 4.

12) On the reverse side of this paper, add 8950 and 9805.

13) Put a circle around your answer, and put a square around your answer, and put a square around the circle.

14) Underline all even numbers in this test

15) Now that you have finished reading everything carefully, do only sentences 1 and 2. (-Back to home page-)