Today is Ours

Again this year Judith and I attended a Memorial ceremony at the Oakville cemetery. Small in number but powerful in thought and emotions. I wonder to whom we will pass the baton to. Most of our small group won't be there when it is time to pass it on.

For years the National Memorial Day concert has been a tradition to watch and listen to. This year was no exception. The ceremony was extremely powerful and very, very emotional - and certainly a true formal national tribute to the memory of all who have given so much.

For 10 years or so the program was hosted by Ozzie Davis. He died Feb. 9th.

During the 2005 Memorial Day Concert there was a tribute to him. His wife, Ruby Dee, took the stage and recited a poem.

According to her the poem belongs to the Davis' family. I can find no other reference to it. Without permission, I am typing it here simply to pass on the message she delivered on this Memorial Day...

Today is ours
Let's live it

Love is strong
Let's give it

A song can help
Let's sing it

Peace is dear
Let's bring it

The past is gone
Don't rue it

Our work is here
Lets do it

Our world is wrong
Let's right it

The battle hard
Let's fight it

The road is rough
Let's clear it

The future vast
Don't fear it

Is faith asleep?
Let's wake it

Today is ours
Let's take it

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