From the Paul Harvey noon broadcast on January 25, 2002.

To me this is a significant broadcast segment and, despite any copyright liability that I am assuming, I feel it deserves to be read. If you choose to reroute it, you have my permission to identify me as the copyright thief.

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"With the future pregnant with so much technology the sky is the limit, or, are we to be the world's economic Titanic?

I said or, are we to be the world's economic Titanic, because there is one "if" in our era that should give us pause, carpetbaggers are among us again.

After the Civil war carpetbaggers were northerners pillaging the south for personal profit. Today, intruders, from other states, even from other countries, are paving our horizon with rooftops.

Today's carpetbaggers can buy a farm, they can pave it over, they can build whatever, they can turn a profit and run, having destroyed forever the fertile fields from which cometh our strength.

I know, no drunk likes to be reminded of the hangover especially when somebody else is buying the drinks. And I know, these carpetbaggers are offering you a lot of money for your, for your green acres.

But Angel and I lived in Hawaii before the outsiders came and bought up the cane fields, and the pineapple fields and the taro fields and the vegetable crop land and used it up and spit it out.

And now, like a locust plague, they move across our mainland, across whatever is left of our green pastures."

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