Property Taxes 2002

The saga continues....

The following, written in 1995, summarizes some of the issues:

This property has a long history of contested market values. Starting with the aftermath of the flood in 1990 we have fought to keep the value in line with the use and restricted potential of land in the flood plain.

As early as 1990 the Assessor's office claimed that farm acreage in the flood plain had a market value of $3,000 per acre. BUT the assessor in Thurston County, stated in 1994, that the value of farm land (comparable #1) is ONLY $2,035 VS the $3,000 per acre Grays Harbor had as a market value for land IN THE FLOOD PLAIN in 1990! Something is wrong, when all that separates us is a county line.
What happened
Old Value
New Value
1990 Re-appraisal
land $22,140
land $33,210
home $80,570
home $99,145
Jan 1990 major flood!
Sept 1990 Appeal A

VBOE agrees, but reduces value only on the land. It never adjusted the value of the house for flooding.

5 ac ea $15,000
5 ac ea $10,000
home ac. $33,210
home ac. $27,695
home $99,145
home $99,145
August 1991 Appeal land values

BOE agrees

5 ac ea $10,000
5 ac ea $7,500
home ac $27,695
home ac $16,500
April 1992 Change land use to ag.
February 1993 Appeal value of land in permanent conservation easement
April 1994 Appeal value of new building, BOE agrees
1994 Re-appraisal
home ac. $18,005
home ac.


home $99,145
home $137,465
August 1994 Appeal AV

BOE agrees

home $137,465


August 1994 Assessor appeals, claiming no contamination and that house value was adjusted in 1990 appeal

In J uly of 2002

Some of the documents which are being recycled to appeal the 2002 assessment.

  • July 1995 letter to the State Board of Tax Appeals
  • Complaint about conduct of county employee
  • letter to State Board of Tax Appeals in 1997
  • another letter to State Board of Tax Appeals in 1997
  • Letter to Grays Harbor Assessor 2002
  • Preliminary 2002 appeal material of 2002 assessment

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