2002 Appeal

Dave and Judith Palmer
7475 State Route 12
Oakville, Wa. 98568

July 1, 2002

Ed Prkut, County Assessor
Claudia Kalles, Chief Deputy
Jamie Hanny, Chief Appraiser
Grays Harbor County
100 West Broadway, Suite 21
Montesano, WA 98563

Subject: Appraisal, Palmer property, Oakville


If our front porch were accessible. If there were stairs up to our front porch. If our front door could be used to greet guests or to simply enter or leave the house. If our circle drive still existed and if cars and hay trucks could drive on it. If the 4/10th mile horse training track still existed. If I didn't have to take out a second mortgage and then a third mortgage on this home. If I had not had to spend over $40,000 my money in an attempt to provide flood protection. If I had not had water in the house during the flood of 1991. If I had not had 2 feet of water in the house in the flood of 1996. If I had received federal assistance or help from Grays Harbor county.

Then, and only, then might I agree that the improvements have increased 23% in value since 1998. Back in 1994 the Board of Equalization and the State Board of Tax Appeal rolled back the assessor's 1994 $38,000 increase. In 1996 there was a terrible flood. As you well know nothing has happened since 1994 or 1996 to increase the value of the improvements by over $22,000 (in fact the assessor decreased values in 1998).

On or about June 19 I called your office to complain about the 23% increase in value of improvements on tax parcel 160434240020. An answering machine took my message. In that message I requested a meeting to discuss the increase. I've appealed property taxes before and I was hoping to avoid an appeal this year.

Friday, the 21st, my call was returned. I didn't write down the caller's name. She understood my message and told me she would call me Monday (June 24) after talking with other individuals who would need to attend the meeting. No one has ever called me back!

On July 1st I called and talked to the person who did the appraisal. The appraiser feels he did a fair job. When asked he said the increase was based upon comparable sales. I have asked for those comparable sales. I am asking, one last time, and in writing, that we meet and discuss this property and the extremely high value the assessor's office has placed upon flood damaged and floodplain property.

Based upon the history of this property I am very concerned about getting a fair hearing in front of the board of equalization. The assessor's numerous attempts to increase the value of this home and my repeated appeals could make this potential appeal appear to be a nuisance and/or frivolous action, when in fact it is not.

I would be happy to meet with you anytime to discuss this matter. I truly want to avoid the cost and the very significant amount of time required to prepare documents for the Board of Equalization.

I have already begun to prepare preliminary information in support of the facts concerning flood damage and losses to this property. The information is publicly available on the internet. It can be found at:

Dave Palmer cc: Bob Beerbower The Vidette Aberdeen World

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