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  • Patriotism on nature's wings
  • A real world, working solution to Chehalis River flooding
  • Over 9 years collection of light humor and commentary
  • Searching for something? A very special reading list might lead to some answers or open a door.
  • Winter comes to trees and people. Do you remember this - from Bambi? (The book, not the movie.)
  • Confused by LOL or ROFLOL? Check out some Acronyms
  • Carbon Neutral?, Carbon Offsets?, Ethanol? Gasoline? Propane? Solar? Carbon Cycle? Sequestering Carbon? Greenhouse gases? some information, with citations
  • How Bad Are Gasoline Prices? You'll be surprised.
  • Real or Quackery? An intro to cancer treatment or quackery?
  • Climate Change? Fact or Myth?
  • How do you make medical decisions? Here is a medical information source I use.
  • A Tour of Space A worthwhile trip. See your world in a new perspective. I don't know who to credit for this outstanding material.
  • Why not learn about: Imperial History - or - History of Religion - or - March of Democracy - or - Leadership at War
  • Be sure to visit the Oakville Schools Website
  • Sept 11, 2001 - a day in history, captured in video by The Internet Archive 20 channels, over 3,000 hours
  • - Around the place
  • Repairs to the flood damaged home begun in February 2011
  • Flood, flood, flood 2007 Flood at home, more general photos of the wider area to be included ... later. . . .
  • Winter scenes 2008
  • A Classic Car for Sale!
  • A visual tour of plants around here in May 2001
  • A visual tour of the place in May 2001
  • A still picture view of a lightning strike, 6/8/2002
  • Interested in buying 44 acres, arena, river frontage? Take the tour. or contact us via mailbox1 at 2738117 dot net
  • - Weather - or not -
  • Global Warming A good research start..
  • Tenino weather
  • Oakville weather
  • Elma weather
  • Hoquiam weather
  • Montesano weather
  • Centralia weather
  • Links to Chehalis basin river level forecasts
    What to do before it floods - - or - - after it floods
  • - Around the Universe with NASA -
    A tour that is candy for the eyes and food for the brain!
  • NASA today's photo
  • The home planet
  • The water world
  • Earth rise
  • Sheer beauty
  • Moon rise
  • What else does NASA have?
  • Night lights
  • Where we live|
  • - A Very Serious Topic - Wobbling
    - A Very Serious Topic - Strokes
    • Besides being a Wobbler I have also experienced an Ischemic Stroke on the right-hand side of my brain which presented speaking problems and fine motor control problems. The most difficult of the two for me was the fine motor control problem which affected my ability to type and to prevent or write cursive lefthanded. Rather than go into the details. I would like to recommend two specific products which have provided a great deal of assistance to me. Iandn order to overcome the typing limitations I decide to choose Dragon NaturallyNspeaking software by Nuance. Confine their website at:http://www.nuance.com/
    • I am currently using their product to type this addition to my webpages.
    • I hated losing the ability to print and write and my early attempts were very frustrating as they consisted primarily of being asked to copy other examples of printing and handwriting. I found this very frustrating.
    • After more than a few hours of searching on the Internet led me to Peterson Directed Handwriting which is helping me by re-creating the pathways from my brain to my nerves to my muscles into my fingers in other words, I am building new pathways, which helped me learn how to write again:
    • Rand Nelson, a vice president of Peterson Directed Handwriting has produced an excellent short video which can be found at: https://mrpencil.adobeconnect.com/
    • The homepage for Peterson Directed Handwriting is at: http://www.peterson-handwriting.com/
    - Property issues - taxes and development probelms

    October 05, 2007 School funding has been a concern of mine. In March of 2006 I published and spoke of my concerns. Now, in a letter to the public, the new superintendent describes funding crises and staff changes. There has to be more accountability.

    October 03, 2007 School levy funding! A devisive issue in many communities. The November 2007 election has a levy item on the ballot. It is termed EHJR 4204. I oppose it. A guest editorial from a local newspaper really states the case on why this ballot measure should be defeated.

    June 22, 2007 Some concern has been voiced about the uses the School District Levy (approved in 2005) will be put to. Audits are a way of learning about a school district performance.

    Oakville School District has been audited on a routine basis. Here are html versions of recent audits:

    Here are the original pdf files which should be used to review any formal questions:

  • May 11, 2006 - Standard & Poors recognized some high performing schools. Several spend less per student, have higher WASL scores and median incomes lower than ours, and housing values the same or less than ours. Obtaining a quality education can be done in small districts and the winners demonstrate that!
  • March 26, 2006 How does Oakville School District 2006 Oakville School Levy votecompare to other local schools?
  • March 6, 2006 Oakville School Levy my concerns and evaluation
  • February 2003 NEW! County Board of Equalization one taxpayer's experience with the property tax appeal process. Insulting? You decide.
  • September 2002 Service Station - NO Pemits needed! Anderson Road, September 2002 - a hearing at Grays Harbor County complete with aerial photos and text
  • July 2002 Property Taxes, revisted 2002 the saga continues. . .
  • August 2002 Chehalis Tribe - Anderson Road - floodplain filling has local residents upset
  • October 1997 Property Taxes - Join an Exclusive Club!
  • - Other topics - very important to me!
  • The cost(s) of growth What are they?
  • Learn about Water Quality in the Chehalis Watershed
  • Chehalis Flood Feb. 1996 One story
  • Rainfall? Interested in our rain situation? Here is a year by year and month by month look at rain along the Black River as recorded on an electronic gage.
  • Ever wonder about the price of growth? Late evening news reading took a link to Croton as a reservoir for NYC.
  • Timberland Library WWW Access Policy - porn stuff fight
  • Interested in DSL service from Qwest using the 2Wire 2701HG-D Modem and the Buffalo AirStation Turbo G Ethernet Converter? Contact:
  • -
  • A new beginning 7/23/2000 - Judith and Dave -
  • - In Memory Of Ellen Luttrell-Palmer 1941 - 2000
    If you are interested in Ellen's Multiple Myeloma these are good sites:
  • A Beginner's Checklist for Cancer Patients and Caregivers
  • Ellen's MM Story 1996 - 2000
  • A Personal E-mail Grief Diary
  • 5 books - cancer, death and grief - that I recommend.
  • A site for family, patients and caregivers to share experiences
  • Multiple Myeloma Survivor's Stories
  • a list of some MM sites from Google
  • Real or Quackery? An intro to cancer treatment or quackery?
  • How do you make medical decisions? Here is a medical information source I use.
  • Cancer Clusters: Findings vs Feelings
  • For others: Weekly blood test results with Thalidomide
  • International Myeloma Foundation
  • Product information on Aredia
  • Literature on Thalidomide for treatment of Multiple Myeloma
  • STEPS Program Instructions for Prescribers
  • STEPS Consent and Authorization Form
  • Information on peritoneal dialysis
  • The Nine Lives of a Pessimist A complete ESRD book.
  • Multiple Myeloma Survey Sue Lane - D Palmer authored
  • Tips from a Master Gardener Wonderful tips - but no longer Under Construction
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